Cost to Develop a Cricket Live Line App


How much does it cost to develop an app like Cricket Live Line?

The popularity of sports like cricket and football (among others) is uncountable worldwide. As a general rule, they are sustained by their fans, whose satisfaction is of the utmost importance to them. 

Sports websites and applications will improve the match day experience and enhance the fanfare surrounding the game and team.

Cricket fans and players are constantly looking for ways to entertain their fans and teams. Fans can stay up to date with upcoming sessions, score updates, match highlights, and more on mobile apps and sports websites. 

They also provide you with live score updates, live commentary, ball-by-ball statistics, team lineups, historical match data, and trending session updates during a cricket match.

Cricket Live Line is a path-breathing technology that allows all these things to happen. Due to this, many people prefer to watch live cricket matches on mobile devices instead of TVs.

What is the Cricket Live Line? 

The Cricket Live Line uses intelligent APIs to bring you cricket content faster than television, such as live match scores, highlights, past data, leaderboards, live commentary, etc.

Compared to television, it's faster.

By using a fast and reliable service, data can be transmitted more quickly, so you can get results earlier than on a live television show.

This technology is also used by many sports brands and enterprises to stay competitive in the market and satisfy their audiences. 

Do you want to build your own cricket, mobile cricket app that displays real-time data? Cricsportz is a reliable and accurate sports data feed provider that can be used for building any kind of cricket website or mobile app. It is fast, reliable, and affordable.

Throughout this blog, we will cover everything you need to know about the Cricket Live line. What are the steps involved? What are the benefits of doing so? Knowing the cost of developing an app like Cricket Live Line is also important.

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How Does the Cricket Live Line Work?

The Cricket live line technology works the same regardless of whether it is a website or a mobile app. 

It is extremely important to have cricket live line API when you want to make a website that features a large amount of sports data feed. 

Cricket live line APIs are programming interfaces that hold cricket data in a programming language. With the help of supporting technology platforms, the data can be decoded and used.

In this article, we will outline the formal ways (methods) by which you can understand how cricket scores are updated on live cricket score applications. 

  1. Data sets (databases in computer language) are memory storage devices for scores. There will be a unique section for every section. Tables can hold information such as bowling statistics, batting details, strike rates, run rates, etc., within each data set.
  2. A backend (server-side) programming language is used to extract this data. Languages such as Python and PHP are generally used here.
  3. As a result, the decoded data is presented in the application's UI using a front-end language (client-side). There is usually HTML, CSS, Javascript, and possibly other technologies involved.
  4. Databases are updated frequently, for example, every two or five seconds. Whenever the app refreshes (most live cricket score apps do so automatically), new scores are displayed. 

Benefits of Developing Your Own Cricket Live Line App

Develop a personal cricket live line app to gain several benefits. Today, these applications are very popular, and sports industries are looking forward to them aggressively in order to earn billions of dollars while interacting with their fans at the same time. 

Enhances team spirit

Even when a fan is not present on the ground, sports applications keep the energy and solidarity alive. In the days of the COVID-19 pandemic, such technology was rapidly accepted by both fans and team members. 

Engages your fans

A sports application keeps game lovers up-to-date with everything about a live game. They provide them with information such as live scores, the number of goals, and the odds of winning. By sending regular updates, it also helps individuals to know the event's winner.

Delivers tailored content

Every time their favorite game's status changes, people need to review all the verifiable and solid data. In addition to providing live updates, a sports application like Cricsportz Cricket live score app offers every feature to keep a fan engaged.

Interacts better with fans

The use of sporting applications allows groups to share news, videos, and pictures, as well as details and fixtures with one another.

An effective marketing tool

The cricket fan base is very large all over the world, so having a personal cricket application invites a huge audience. You'll be able to market new products and services and promote your business ideas in this way. 

Technology Stack to Develop Cricket Live Line Mobile App

Developers who are experts in diverse technology stacks are required to develop a cricket live line application. 

You need good quantification skills in order to create a real cricket live line website.

  1.  Front End Development (JQuery, AngularJS, Javascript, CSS, HTML5, Bootstrap)
  2. Back-end development (Node.js)
  3. Developing Android Apps (Kotlin and Java) 
  4. Development of iOS Apps (Swift) 
  5. Database (MongoDB, Mysql, Hbase, Cassandra, Postgres, MailChimp Integration)
  6. Cloud Environment (Aws, Azure, Google Cloud, Salesforce, Cloud Foundry)
  7. Real-Time Analytics (Hadoop, Spark, Big Data, Apache Flink, Cisco, IBM)
  8. Notifications (Firebase Cloud Messaging)
  9. Push Notifications (Twilio, Push.IO, Amazon SNS, Urban Airship, Map, Adpush, Apache Flink)
  10. SMS integration for OTP (Nexmo, Twilio)
  11. Payment Integration (Braintree, Paypal, Stripe, E-Wallets, E-Banking, PayUmoney)

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How much does it cost to develop the Cricket Live Line App? 

Developing a mobile app like Cricket Line Guru or others requires an adequate amount of money. 

Despite the fact that the apps have multiple screens and a wide array of functions, they are not static at all, despite the fact that getting them developed in the real world would take a lot of money. 

In the first place, Android and iOS application development and Live Line Cricket API costs are determined by several factors, such as the type of application, the platform, the number of screens, the country, and the company policy. 

  • App Type - Simple
  • iOS and Android platforms
  • Classic design
  • Amount of time (in hours) - 500 to 800
  • Approximately 3 to 6 months (in months) 
  • Lastly, the country where you wish to develop. 
  1. The cost of development in the USA at a rate of ($50 to $150) equals $25000 to $120000
  2. Development costs in the UK at a rate of ($50 to $100) = $25000 to $80000
  3. Development costs in Europe are ($40 to $60) = $20000 to $48000
  4. A development cost of ($20 to $50) equals $10000 to $40000 in India

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Do you want your application to be developed at a low cost? You can get a mobile app developed for a very reasonable price at Cricsportz. 

The cost of developing an app or website depends on numerous factors, but a simple feature app or website may cost you as estimated above. It is possible, however, that the cost may increase if you wish to implement more advanced or additional features.

To develop a good website and application, you need a team of skilled and dedicated developers, project managers, and designers.

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